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Área Fiscal – Taxation


Our services in the field of taxation include:
  •  Assessment and fiscal planning for your company.
  • Representation and assistance in tax inspections carried out by public authorities (national, regional or local).
  • Preparation of all tax self-assessments (VAT, Personal Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Wealth Tax, Tax on Capital Transfers, Municipal Capital Gains Tax, Business Tax, Inheritance and Gift Tax, etc.).
  • Assessment, drafting and presentation of writs, appeals and financial and administrative claims in relation to company tax matters.
  • Filing of administrative claims.
  • Applying for and submitting of payment deferrals and instalments.
  • Non-residents taxation.
  • Foundations and other non-profit entities taxation.
  • Complete tax reviews (Due Diligence).
  • Land registry procedures.
  • Assessment of activities linked to Corporation Tax and preparation of the documentation required by law.
  • Obtaining digital certificates and LEI (legal entity identifier) numbers.
  • Sending information notices on relevant tax regulations and on deadlines for filing tax returns.